Brand Ambassador

Are you social media savvy? Do you like jewelry? Do you like FREE jewelry? We’re looking for brand ambassadors like you!


Benefits Of Becoming A Jewelry Brand Ambassador:

  • FREE jewelry delivered straight to your door, handpicked just for you!
  • An exclusive discount on any additional jewelry pieces.
  • A unique-to-you discount code that you can share with your followers to purchase their own jewelry within Plein30 online store! 
  • The more people who make a purchase through your unique discount code, the more commission (up to 10% ) you earn!


To establish a mutual + successful collaboration between us, read our criteria below before reaching out:

  • Must be social media savvy, have a public Instagram, a strong following on Instagram, and a sense of style.
  • When posting a photo of the jewelry, you must use the following hashtags: #plein30 #plein30kortrijk #plein30jewelry #plein30styling #jewelry #belgiumjewelry #plein30ambassador, and tag my instagram @plein30
  • Post a minimum of 2-3 high quality, clear photos of you styling the piece in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, along with at least one close-up shot.
  • Tag @plein30 on the photo and in your photo description.
  • Write a bit about the piece you are wearing (the style, the material used, where it was made, who made it, who sell it, and shoot about the online store plein30 where hey can get it etc.)
  • Post photos of the product within 3 - 5 days of receiving jewelry pieces in the mail or let us know about your timeline.
  • Must be based in the EU.
  • Lastly, must be responsible, easy-going, independent, and keep promises. 

If all of this sounds like something you can agree with and would like to further pursue, we would love to hear from you! If we’re a good fit, we will reach out to you directly.