About Us

Kurt Largeais & Jean- yves De Wever



Our adventure began more than 20 years ago with our hairdressing salon for women: K.Largeais coiffure.
Indeed, dear ladies, we have been taking care of you for some time and making you feel beautiful and great in all circumstances. Our desire to serve you has grown even stronger over the years and with the opportunities.
With the massive arrival in large cities such as Antwerp and Brussels, of concept stores in the years 2010. This type of very trendy and sometimes even very minimalist store completely seduced us. We therefore imagined our own concept store in our small town, Kortrijk.
After a few weeks of reflection, and discussions with our faithfull customers, the choice to offer original jewelry, handmade and created by more intimate creators, has emerged as the most obvious idea as it matched up perfectly both our life project, which is to serve women, to make them beautiful and elegant and to strengthen their self-esteem and it was the kind of Salon we wanted. We wanted a space in which women would feel at home, could have their hair done, read a book, shop and relax at the same time. We wanted to keep a very warm, colorful and classic place.
The introduction of handmade jewelry to our space was obviously a winning bet. We are now delighted to advise you not only on the hairstyle that will make you stand out but also to offer you that little touch of style that will make you stand out as it will perfectly and subtly suits with your daytime outfits as well as by night.
We are Kurt and Jean-Yves and we hope you will have the best experience in our online store. We do our best to provide you with excellent service and please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any comments. You can contact us directly via our email address: info@plein30.be
We will do our best to respond to you as much as possible.